Video: Barrett’s killer Cascade Bass master fly

According to Barrett, this rubber-leg monster will catch bass in any water, but it is perfect for fly fishing for bass here in Oregon. This beast is weed-resistant, heavy as hell, and indestructable. Tie up a bunch of these flies and go punish those non-native largemouth and smallmouth. Barrett says they taste great this time of year. This bass fly pattern will work on Davis Lake or Umpqua Smallmouth.

Barrett's Bassmaster

Barrett’s Bassmater Cascade Killer:
Hook: Gamakatsu B10S stinger
Thread:Black 6/0
Weedguard: 25lb clear monofilament
Body: Black pearl estaz
Legs: Purple and black Juicy Legs rubber skirts
Eyes: Large dumbell eyes

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4 Responses to Video: Barrett’s killer Cascade Bass master fly

  1. Lyol Brumby says:

    Do you sell them?

  2. b-christ says:

    You bet . There are a bunch at the Caddis Fly right now!

  3. Cole M. says:

    What size hook are you using?

  4. Mark Sleeper says:

    Hi Barrett do you have a vid of you tying this fly bassmaster cascade killer also what hook size was used any info would be great Thanks Mark <((((<

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