Deschutes Fall Fishing Report 2010

The Technical Men’s Council (old guys who have fished together for decades) gathered together to greet a spectacular Eastern Oregon Indian Summer last week.

TMC Fall 10 077

The steelhead fishing was not pectacular but the mighty “D” gave up some awesome trout fishing on most days. In the fall small fly’s on the Deschutes produce. Size 16 Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, and flash back pheasant tails worked well in the fast water for trout. A few of the guys hooked up on steelhead with the smaller size Copper Johns while nymphing for trout. Lou’s Sage 99 5wt was a steady contributor to for some fine nymphing.

TMC Fall 10 079

As the week progressed, so did the temperature! We had days where wet wading was very comfortable and evenings gave up some great views of the canyon.

TMC Fall 10 098

As we approached Dant we readied ourselves for the outcome of the fire at Johnson Flat. We spoke with some BLM workers and found out replacing the new outhouse will cost from $45K to $65K. There are no current plans as to when the new outhouse will be replaced. Sadly, Dr. Dicks cabin was burned to the ground but a new tent structure is in place and it appears attempts to rebuild the cabin may be in process.

TMC Fall 10 111

Another trip down in the books and a good time was had by all. LV

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3 Responses to Deschutes Fall Fishing Report 2010

  1. Owl Jones says:

    A 45,000 dollar “outhouse?” Holy cow. No wonder we’re going broke. 🙂

  2. Glenn Snediker says:

    My nephew who is 17 and an Eagle scout will be at the Meriweather camp next july. He lives in Winnemucca Nevada and I in Phoenix Az. I took him flyfishing at Lee’s Ferry last summer and he got hooked “barbless of course”.He asked me about flyfishing opportunities in that area. Any info would be apprieciated.
    Glenn Snediker
    Leave no kid inside

  3. Wow just beatiful! Nice steel btw! They are such pretty fish. I don’t freshwater fish very often, but they are so different looking then the gulf of mexico species I am use to. The scenery there is breathtaking! A shame about Dr. Dicks cabin, wow that is terrible! Throwing the fly there must be priceless, like out of a good book I bet!

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