Back at the vise for fall trout on in the Willamette Valley

It’s been a little while since I’ve been serious about trout fishing. With all the sea-run salmonid mania going on, I kind of forgot why I moved to Eugene in the first place — the opportunity to catch wild trout year round, and a lot of it on foot! Luckily, my friend from the east coast is coming into town next weekend specifically to wade for trout, and he happens to be the VP of the company I work for, so I got a hall pass and motivation to get tying.

Since we’re likely to be fishing all day, you’ll need the perfect all-day pattern: The Possie Bugger.

Fall Flies for trout McKenzie River

For day-time dries — BWOs and PMD’s are the program. Small comparaduns are my favorites here. I’m using a size 16 TMC 100. Check out the sparkle dun series here.

Fall Flies for trout McKenzie River

Then in the evenings, it’s the hatch we’ve all been waiting for — October Caddis!. These guys were all over the Upper Willamette last week, and should be amazing this fall.

Fall Flies for trout McKenzie River

This is prime-time trout fishing folks.

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3 Responses to Back at the vise for fall trout on in the Willamette Valley

  1. Rob R says:

    Mean flies dude. You still got it. And thanks for the little baitfish nook flies. You’ll be pissed when you see how I hacked at them, but they are going to catch chrome.

  2. marc says:

    what the hell is that orange dubbing on those EHC. looks buggy

  3. Matt Stansberry says:

    Standard Hareline Dubbin’… the original!

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