Lucky Strike: Year-round trout searching pattern

According to Gary Williams, local legend Jim Lucky who has fished and appreciated the McKenzie River for over 50 years gets credit for the Lucky Strike Pattern.

This is a great year-round searching fly. Tie it in a bunch of sizes from 10-16. Low-riding, high-vis trout fly with peacock and moose — it doesn’t get much fishier.

Lucky's Strike

Lucky Strike
Hook: TMC 100 size 10-16
Thread: 8/0 Gray unithread
Tail: Moose body hair
Parachute: Deer or elk hair
Body: Peacock herl
Hackle: Cree or variant saddle

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4 Responses to Lucky Strike: Year-round trout searching pattern

  1. Rob R says:

    peacock herl = powerbait

    have you no mercy?

  2. b-christ says:

    No shame, plenty of mercy.

  3. Bpaul says:

    sticking peacock in the surface film like that is merciless, I have to agree with Rob on this one

    nice pattern, wish I had thought of it myself


  4. I tie a ton of my nymphs for smallmouth with peacock hearl and they produce. I finally convinced a few friends to try a tandem fly rig and it stuck!

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