Redington improving fly fishing gear, keeping prices down

In a fly fishing world dominated by Sage and Simms, it’s easy for guys who work for a fly shop and get guide discounts to overlook a budget-friendly fly fishing company like Redington. But a couple weeks ago on the Deschutes steelhead trip, I was really impressed by two items of Redington gear and had to write this post.

The first item was my Redington CPX Switch Rod, 11’3″ seven weight. I already wrote up a review about how much I liked the CPX Switch Rod for indicator fishing last winter. And over the summer I really got into the spey casting side of the switch rod craze.

Redington CPX Switch Rod

I picked up the Switch rod before getting Rob Russell’s advice for spey beginners to stay away from switch rods, so I got a beautiful Bauer Rogue 5, a compact Skagit and some tips and went for it. While my casting is by no means masterful, it does generally go where I want it to and far, and everybody who casts this rod that actually is a spey guru really puts it out there.

The switch rod won’t turn over an intruder. And when I fish one of Rob’s 14-footers, it is easier to get into a casting rhythm. 10 ft of T14 and a heavy fly are really pushing this rod to its limit. I felt like I could break it on a Snap-T cast. But it’s got a warranty! This is probably not going to be my winter steelhead spey rod. But it sure as hell will be my indicator set up!

The other item I picked up was a pair of fleece Redington under-wader pants. Those things are ridiculously comfortable. Three days on the Deschutes, and I never took them off. The zipper was the best thing about them, considering the amount of Hamms we’d packed on that trip.

Chris has been thinking the same thing for a while — Redington has improved it’s line up but kept its prices in line with why the company was formed to begin with. He offered the following list of the best Redington products for the price.

Redington Tackle founded in 1992 has always had an angler budget in mind. Recently Redington has taken great strides in producing high quality gear while maintaining reasonable pricing. Here are some of what we consider the best products in the Redington Line up.

Redington CPX Wader $199.95
The Redington CPX wader offers many of the same features waders in the $350-$550 market offer, zippered hand warmer pocket, 4-layer waterproof breathable upper, 5-layer lower leg, articulated knees (a key feature for fit), and built in gravel guards and belt included.

Redington Wayfarer Wader
The Redington Wayfarer wader is a “Bare Bones” wader for a great price $149.00: 4-layer Taslan waterproof breathable and an additional 4-layer overlay on the lower leg for durability. Built in flip out security pocket, Gravel Guards and belt included. For $149 you get 4 layers of waterproof breathable material, a great buy!

Redington Surge Fly Reel
Redington Surge Fly Reel: Let’s be honest another reel is not exactly what the fly fishing industry needs. We see the Surge as an excellent reel to add to a rod when making an affordable high quality outfit, or when you just need another reel to hold the myriad of freshwater lines an angler can accumulate over the years (what sink rate is that lake line?). Aluminum frame and spool in matte black only, the Surge Reel is lightweight mid-arbor and for $79 bucks it makes an excellent case for being the best reel in the $50-$100 market. A composite drag housing and Rulon drag, this reel is better than it’s price indicates.

Redington CPX Fly Rods
Redington CPX Fly Rods: High performance at a mid price point $299-$399. The CPX line of rods are good looking, powerful, durable (we have had very few broken CPX rods in the shop) and offer an array of models from trout to Saltwater. CPX rods are often compared to the old Sage XP models. The CPX may not be as light as the XP but in terms of “tippy” “fast action” they definitely get the job done. Rods come with Cordura rod case and lifetime warranty.

Redington CT Fly Rods
Redington CT Fly Rods: Classic Trout rods for $129 — some will remember Sage’s Light Line Series or LL. Redington’s CT series has the look and feel of the LL for about $300 less. These rods are really to good for the money and are going to make a run and Echo’s Carbon Series as well as many other rod makers lower price point models. What we really like about the CT is the fact that is has some character. It has a moderate “classic” action that allows an angler to feel the rod load and really learn fly casting by working the rod, rather than a super fast rod overcoming an anglers timing. This rod by itself or as a complete outfit is a great deal. Lifetime warranty and Cordura tube included, 4 and 6pc models available.

Red Fly 2 Outfits
Red Fly 2 combos: Prices range from $199-$299 rod, reel, line, case, warranty included. Moderate to fast action good looking rods made with a blend of 51 and 42 Million modulus graphite, price in the outfit range but are not rods an angler will quickly grow out of. Faster action than the Classic Trout but not so fast that one loses the feel of a quality “progressive” action fly rod. Great at short range but possessing the power to launch a cast or indicator distances larger water require.

Redington Minnow
Redington Minnow kid’s fly rod: $129 for a complete outfit geared for children. Our sales rep claims this rod is great for the kids but will “work as your back up” when needed. One model 8′ # 5/6 is perfect for most “trouty” situations. We cast the rod and it is impressive. Weight forward floating line Crosswater Fly Reel ready to fish.

Stratus 2 Wading Jacket
Redington Stratus 2 Wading Jacket: $130, feature-filled but lacking the GORETEX label. The Stratus 2 is waterproof breathable, taped seems, adjustable hood and cuffs, fleece lined hand warmer pockets, rear storage pocket and reinforced elbows. Pockets are big enough to hold the largest steelhead/streamer boxes and the jacket is cut large enough to go over your fleece and waders. For the money, this coat if fantastic.

Redington I/O Fleece Pant
Redington I/O Fleece Pant: $50 comfortable fleece pants under your breathable waders is a “no brainer” these go in your wader bag and come out anytime things get chilly. Elastic waist, zip fly, side pockets and Lycra stirrups to keep them down in your boots.

-MS and CD

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  1. Hale Orviston says:

    Doesn’t Sage own Redington? Guess I don’t need any of more of those high end rods, reels or jackets anymore.

  2. I have a 3 weight redington rod and reel that is awesome. I can throw small dries and nypmhs to anywhere in a small stream. I love their equipment.

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