October Caddis Patterns: fly tying contest from Hareline Dubbin

Following on the heels of our 2009 Summer Steelhead fly tying contest, Hareline Dubbin is sponsoring another great fly tying event with a new category: October Caddis, Limnephilidae Dicosmoecoes.

Middle Fork November 07

According to Gary LaFontaine, “The question for fly fishermen seeking big trout is: Which insects provide the best opportunity for catching such fish? My list would be: Giant Orange Sedge (Dicosmoecus sp.), Salmon Fly (Pteronarcys californica, a stonefly), and the Michigan Mayfly (Hexagenia limbata). Dicosmoecus is the most important — and the contest is not even close.”

Contest rules are the same as last time. We want to see your best October Caddis pattern, either an original or your own spin on a classic. Octrober Caddis Dry, wet or nymph.

Drop off two finished flies at The Caddis Fly Shop, along with paperwork that includes the fly pattern name, material list, your name and address, and either email or phone number for contact. You will not get the flies back — one will go to Hareline and one will go to the shop. Bob Borden and the folks from Hareline Dubbin will be judge of the fly patterns.

If you are not local, please send your flies in the mail to the shop.


First prize is an entire run of Ice Dub from Hareline — one of each color, lots of stuff you never see in shops. Second prize, entire color run of grizzly barred rubber legs. Third prize is the entire run of thin fly foam.

Fly patterns are due October 1st. Check out WestFly’s October Caddis entomology info to help get inspired.

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2 Responses to October Caddis Patterns: fly tying contest from Hareline Dubbin

  1. Ross Slayton AKA the flytyinfreak says:

    If I had known about this contest a week ago Iwould have submitted! Dang! I just started an october Caddis fly swap on another well known forum and have a sweet pupah imitation I know kicks salmonid ass! Next year I will definatley be in! Please post it on your FB page to remind us.

  2. Michel says:

    I would like know when the result of october caddis contest?

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