Fly Tying Contest Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Summer Steelhead Fly Tying Contest. The top three patterns are listed below. First prize received the entire color spectrum of Krystal Flash, second prize is a Marc Petijean Magic Tool Set, and third prize a “Stonfo” Magnetic fly box, bobbin and hackle plier. All those that sent in a pattern will recieve an sticker and a Hareline Dubbin Gold Brooch Pin. Tyer’s should start working on their fall trout patterns, we will announce the next fly tying contest shortly. Special thanks to Hareline Dubbin for prizes and judging.–CD

First Prize Chad Potter for “The Brooksy”

Hook: Tiemco 202SP
Thread: Fluorescent Green Ultra-Thread for rear half/ Wine 6/0 Uni for front half
Tip: Fine Copper Oval Tinsel
Tail: Peacock Sword Fibers
Rear Body: Pearl Mylar over a base of fluorescent green thread (thread base coated with zap-a-gap prior to wrapping mylar for durability)
Front Body: Peacock Herl (4 or 5 strands spun on fine silver wire to make chenille)
Rib:Pearl Mylar counter wrapped with copper wire.
Underwing: Sparse flash of choice ( flashabou, krystal flash, lite brite, etc..)
Wing: Natural Gray Squirrel Tail
Collar: Claret Hackle


Second Place to Rocky Maley for “Green with Envy”

Hook: Daiichi # 5
Tag Blue Oval tinsel
Tail: Burgundy hackle fibers
Body: back 3/5 green tinsel front 2/5 black seal dubbing
Rib: Small gold oval over green flat gold tinsel over seal
Collar: Black Hackle
Wing Chartreuse PB
Head: Black


Third Prize to Cameron Derbyshire for his “Cummings Special”
Hook: Partridge CS10/1 # 2
Thread: Black 8/0 unwaxed
Tag: Small flat gold tinsel
Rib: Small oval gold tinsel
Body: Rear 1/3 yellow floss, front 2/3 claret rabbit dubbing
Hackle: Brown ringneck pheasant flank
Wing: Brown bear hair
Cheeks: Jungle cock nail feather, one per side.


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