Fish photo gets you a free drink

This week Phil Calandra “The Don du Comucopia” co-owner of Cornucopia’snew restaurant and bar on 5th and Pearl street stopped by the shop.

He was out promoting the new establishment, and invites anglers to bring a fish photo to the resturant.  Phil will post your photo on his wall of fish fame, and in exchange for your photo he will buy you a drink, what a deal!–CD

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1 Response to Fish photo gets you a free drink

  1. Goyito says:

    What a great idea! I’m tired of going into bars and reading cocktail napkins that say “Drink ’til she’s cute!” Now I can look at an ever-expanding photo bank of fish fish fish.

    Nothing wrong with having that drink, either. I can tell you of countless times when bitter, tense, nasty people put down a few drinks and were magically transformed into friends and neighbors.

    If this new Cornucopia is as good as the one on Lincoln, you’ll see me in there with a full case of fish pictures. Hasta manana. Goyito R.

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