Mckenzie remains high, but fishing well

Prospects for the lower McKenzie near Eugene continue to improve. Although the river did not take a big drop today, it did fish well.  We swung wet flies most of the day. March Brown bead head Emergers and Mega Prince swung down and across were effective.  Nymphing also worked well with Golden Stones and PT Cruzer nymphs about 5 feet under thethingamabobber. The next couple of days will be perfect spring fishing. We are going to have warmer nights the next couple, and I look for hatches to improve. Daytime temperatures will be ideal, and fishing should be good.–CD

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3 Responses to Mckenzie remains high, but fishing well

  1. Carpfrance says:

    I am visiting your area of the World for a few weeks and fancy a go on the Mckenzie, what methods work well in April?

  2. Carpfrance says:

    Shall bring my normal box of river flies or shall I bring larger lake flies.

  3. Matt Stansberry says:

    River flies will be great, stonefly nymphs, caddis pupae, soft hackles, trout dries like March Browns, Adams, Caddis patterns, adult golden stone patterns.
    Stop by and see us we will hook you up.

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