Expo Update; Fly Tying Material Storage

Sometimes, when I look at my fly tying area it appears that I took a direct hit from an incoming artillery round. So, as I walked around the 150+ tying stations at the Expo, I was thinking of my wood working friends and a better way of storing my material and tools. An organized tying area can lead to quicker tying and less headaches. Below are some of pictures of material storage boxes, and tool stands. Heads up my wood working friends…!



Expo 09 064

Expo 09 054

Expo 09 057


Expo 09 058



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2 Responses to Expo Update; Fly Tying Material Storage

  1. Simon Graham says:

    like the tool organiser 3rd image down…very cool!

  2. Joe Palanuk says:

    You are right on….I just got off the phone with a company that designs work benches and we got to talking about all the preference. I personally have a bug box, its full! Then I have plastic bins sorted for fur/feathers, marabou/bunny, deer hair rubber/tinsel. Of course then I have a portable bench….it is enough to drive one nuts! We are a sick group, us fly tiers!

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