Family fun in the Bahamas

The weather has been vastly better than our previous week. Clear skies light winds and good tides, you really can’t ask for much more. The kids have been spending time on the beach and Ron Mosher’s son who’s only 8 has been spending some time hunting down Bonefish. The proximity of our rental house allows for fishing, beaching, boating, golfing and the list goes on. Abaco Palms is a great family getaway with angler motives in mind.






  • Damsel Fliesmember Joan Mcreery who spends much of her winter in the Bahamas nearby came by and fished with Darla Mosher. The had an excellent day. Our guide Robin Lowe holds one of Joan’s many fish for the day in the photo below.


One of our neighbors brought down some local culinary delights, spicy mac and stuffed lobster.


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