Gear Review: Cloudveil 8X Wading Boots

Like any gear, one pair of boots just isn’t suitable for all applications.  I love my Simms G3 wading boots for fishing from the boat or bank but as soon as I hefted them, I dreaded the thought of carrying them into the woods on my back.  About 10 times a year I do some remote, hike-in, wish I could just get it over with and lay down and die on the hike out salmon and steelhead fishing.  For good fun like that that I need something light.  Enter the Cloudveil 8X Wading Boot:

Cloudveil Boots

These things are featherweights.  If you are down at the shop go ahead and feel the difference–each Cloudveil 8x wading boot is over one pound lighter than my Simms.  Recently, I packed these boots into a rugged back country canyon to do some salmon fishing and was pleased with their performance.


Light. This was the main reason I purchased these boots.  I was thinking about how much better they would feel in my pack. What I didn’t anticipate was how much I enjoyed lugging around less weight on my feet while wearing them. Big points.

Sturdy. The canvas part of these boots is cross braced and they are surprisingly stable for their weight.  The synthethic materials also provide a level of stability that you won’t find in lightweight canvas boots.

Sticky. The felt did its job.

Comfortable.  Even on the first trip.


Small Loops.  The loops used to pull the boots on are just too small.  They might be the perfect size if only my woman was waiting at the bottom of the canyon to pull my boots on for me.  Alas, she was not . . . and never will be.

Lace Guards. These boots have a lace guard that requires hooking built-in gravel guards off-kilter just a wee bit. That upset my sense of order.

Bulk. They are not as collapsible as would be ideal. Of course, if they were they would be less stable.  I’ll take the trade.

The Bottom Line:  The Cloudveil 8x wading boots are solid kicks for a fair price and almost ideal for the application I described.  I’d recommend them to anyone who needs  boots for hike-in fishing or someone who just prefers feeling  light on their feet while wading.–KM

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