Bahamas log continued

Day two and three brought clear weather but severe northeast wind.  Our Bahamian guides call this a cold front but the 75-84 degrees feels pretty good. We spent most of day two collecting supplies at Marsh Harbor grocery stores and making calls to Continental Airlines regarding the lost rod tube. Around 4:30pm we walked down the beach from our house to a near shore flat and an incoming tide. The fish are in shallow water and willing, an excellent quality in a fish.


The hunting of bonefish, along with the anticipation of hooking a sighted fish is difficult to replicate. The satisfaction of making the right cast and having that fish dial into your bug as you strip it away from him is an absolute blast.


Day three had us heading to the Marls, but high tides and 25mph winds made the day a short one. The canal we normally use to get out to the fishing grounds was severely flooded with incoming water.


We headed back to the house and the easy access waters near the house. The wind is still howling but the fish are around. We manage a four or five fish before cocktail hour.-CD

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