October 26th arrival day in the Bahamas

We left Portland Airport at 11:50pm both children still awake. Continental flight to Houston then onto West Palm Beach. Very little sleep and one vomit session. Two children with colds, night time air travel, what do you expect? We arrived in Marsh Harbor on the Bahamian Island of Abaco around 1:30pm est. For the first time in a long time one of my bags doesn’t show up. Which one? Of course the one with 5 rods in it. Continental is working on that one for us and hopefully we the rod case will be delivered in the next day or so.

The weather is dismal. It’s an absolute downpoor making it a bit easier to get settled in to our accomadations. Abaco Palms is a great house situated in Casuarina Point on Abaco.  The weather does clear a bit and I string up the one rod I did stuff in my Patagonia Black hole bag.

 All the reels made it in my checked gear, the rods failed because of a gate agent wanting me to check the thing at the plane door.  A Loop Opti Speed Runner 


 and Opti Power rod will be the set up for a couple of days. The reel is the size of a bicycle tire and picks up line faster than anything I have ever used. It is very light and looks super cool (very important in a reel). The rod is nice and will get a better test under better conditions. With a bit of clearing I do make it out to the flats, light is still tough and I spot a couple of fish to late. The weather is set to improve and we have good tides upcoming. Fishing should be great. Stay tuned for more reports.-CD

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