McKenzie River Caddis hatch set to explode

Warmer temperatures are headed our way. The Mckenzie is in good shape and anglers should experience excellent fishing this weekend. We look for continued hatches of March Browns also expect blizzard caddis hatches. Patterns to imitate this varied¬†hatch include; Irresistable Elk Hair Caddis #14, Kinrey’s Egg Layer Caddis #16, Peacock Caddis #16+18, Stroup’s Granomm Caddis #14, Translucent Caddis Pupae in Olive and Brown #16. For a great pattern to imitate both the caddis and the March Browns try a Heavy Hackle Parachute Hare’s ear in #14.

If things really heat up, (as forcasted) we might even see the Big Green Mckenzie Caddis. Use Foam Top Green Caddis in size #8 and our custom tied Green Mckenzie Caddis in #8 and #10. Enjoy the nice weather!

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