Video: Tying the possie bugger

The possie bugger is a hall of fame Oregon fly. I’ve probably caught more fish on this pattern than any other two combined. It’s a good idea to double up the rib on this fly — since it’s going to catch so many fish. This is the guide version — reinforce the traditional Flashabou strands with copper wire. It fishes well as a caddis pupae or cased caddis pattern.

Possie Bugger

Possie Bugger Pattern:
Hook: TMC 3761 #8-16
Bead: Gold Tungsten, appropriate to hook size
Weight: Couple wraps of lead or substitute
Thread: Black Uni Thread
Tail: Aussie Possum
Rib: Pearl Flashabou and coppper wire
Hackle: Brown partridge
Collar: Black dubbing

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6 Responses to Video: Tying the possie bugger

  1. Awesome, I am dying to tie one and try it out on the McKenzie and/or Deschutes!
    Thanks for the great video and info.

    Brigham Brewer
    aka – nimrod243

  2. Jason Koop says:

    I have tied this fly and used it on the Truckee River here in Reno with tremendous success. I have tied a few variations which have been just as successful as the original. This is a super pattern and it should be in your box at all times!

    Carson Fly Fishing Club
    Carson City, NV

  3. Chris Deppa says:

    This video was really helpful. Thanks for all the great advice.

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  5. Doug says:

    I was looking at the recipe for the Possie Bugger and there is no body material listed.
    What is the body? Looks like spiked out dubbing, but what kind exactly, and what color?
    Doug Snyder

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