Simon’s Secret Sally: Yellow Sally Dry Fly Tutorial

A slim profile is essential when mimicking a Yellow Sally effectively

Yellow Sallies are often an overlooked summer staple in Western Trout’s Diets. What they lack in size they make up for in abundance. Often Yellow Sallies make a more subtle option in pressured waters when people gravitate to throwing Gold Stones, Green Drakes, or other more popular insects/attractor flies. Yellow Sallies are a small stonefly and are the middle child in terms of size with their relatives; they are smaller than Gold Stones and larger than Winter Stones. They are active mid afternoon when things can be slow, so they make a great searching pattern. In this video, Simon ties a high-floating Yellow Sally variant. This fly is tied to float high in the turbulent water if our local rivers in the Willamette valley. Heavily hackled, this fly is sure to get some looks. It excels being tossed in at the head of a pool where fish stack up in the summer in search of food and water with a higher oxygen content. Because this fly is tied slightly larger, it is made for quicker water where fish have less time to critique your tying skills. If you happen to be fishing more tailouts, slower water, or even a spring creek, consider sizing this fly down to a 14 or even 16. Colors can be adjusted to brighter or more drab yellow or even lime for the elusive Lime Sally hatch. If you tie some up tor have fish photos from tying this one up tag us on instagram. If you’ve had an amazing day fishing Sallies, share your story in the comments below.

Simon’s Secret Sally

Hook- Ahrex 501: Size 10 Traditional Dry

Dubbing- Hareline Microfine Dry Dubbing: Sulphur Yellow & UV2 Fine & Dry: Red

Wing- Hareline Mallard Flank: Yellow

Hackle- Whiting Saddle: Light Ginger

Post- EP Trigger Point Fibers: White

Legs- Montana Fly Company Yellow Barred Sexy Floss: Small

Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Additional Tools- Hareline Overton’s Wonder Wax & Hareline Anodized Hook, Hackle, & Bead Gauge

Bobbin- Rite Bobbin

Vise- Renzettti Traveler 2304 & Renzetti Streamer Base

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