Jigged EZ Egg: Tying Tutorial

In this video, Simon ties an effective egg pattern used for winter steelhead. It uses a new egg chenille from Hareline that makes tying eggs easier than ever. The chenille comes in a wide variety of colors to ensure you have a wide variety of eggs in your box. Tied on a large inverted jig hook allows for a larger bead to be out on for when water is high and allows for the fly to ride hook point up reducing snags. The Ahrex FW550 is a stout jig hook and in larger sizes is ample for winter steelhead. Whitefish spawn is right around the corner and that means tying this in lighter colors like yellow or apricot and in smaller sizes will be killer on our local rivers for trout.

Jigged EZ Egg

Hook- Ahrex FW550: Size 6

Bead- Hareline Slotted Fl Orange Tungsten Bead: 4.6 mm, 3/16

Thread- Veevus Fl Orange Powerthread 140D

Body- Hareline Easy Egg Chenille: Fl Orange & Hareline Egg Veil: Milky White

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Bobbin- Smhaen Tension Bobbin

Vise- Renzettti Traveler 2304

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