Mallard Mole Crab: Surf Perch Fly Tutorial

In this video, Simon ties an effective mole crab pattern for targeting Surf Perch off of the Oregon coast. Pacific mole crabs live in the swash zone of shallow water on beaches all up and down the Pacific coast, and are often seen burrowing in the sand as the shallow water washes back out into the ocean. They congregate in areas, if you see an abundance of them near your feet, perch will be nearby and tying one on is a good idea. These burrowing crustaceans are called sand fleas on the East coast, or sometimes referred to as sand crabs, or sand shrimp. They are found on beaches all over the world and are a staple in the diet of not only our many species of Pacific Surf Perch, but several other species that make their home in the tidal surf. Colors and sizes can be changed to match the fishery you are spending time in. Adding orange beneath the shell or towards the rear of the fly mimics eggs, and works great for Pacific Surf Perch when the mole crabs are spawning between February and October. Give it a go and let us know how it works for you.

Mallard Mole Crab

Hook- Gamakatsu SL11-3H: Size 6

Weight- Hareline Medium Bead Chain Eye: Fluorescent Orange & Hareline Heavy Lead Eyes Small

Rostrum- Hareline Bucktail: Gray & Hareline Craft Fur: Bone Tan

Hot Spot- EP Trigger Point Fibers: FL Pink

Eyes- EP Small Crap/Shrimp Eyes: Black

Rubber Legs/Flash- Hareline Krystal Flash: Gray Ghost & Hareline Crazy Legs: Clear Pearl/Orange Tip

Body Dubbing- Hareline Squirrel Hair Dubbing: Gray

Legs- Hareline Micro Ultra Chenille: Tan

Shell- Hareline Mallard Flank Feather

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Other Tools- Hareline Cautery

Vise- Renzetti Traveler 2304

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