Foam Grey Drake Dun: Dry Fly Tying Tutorial

In this video, Simon ties a foam body Grey Drake Dun which works great in the fall when these larger mayflies come off. The abdomen is made of 2mm foam instead of being dubbed to reduce water absorption which greatly improves buoyancy. The fly is tied with water wicking fibers, and hackled vertically which allows it to shed water quickly with a few false casts. The vertical hackle can be trimmed horizontally on the water with nippers creating a lower riding fly for the pickiest of fish. Size and colors can be swapped to mimic other mayflies depending on the season or your local fishery. Fish it and let us know what you think!

Foam Grey Drake Dun

Hook- Tiemco 100 Size 12

Thread- Semperfli Nanosilk 50 Denier: Black

Tails- Nature’s Spirit Elk Hair: Black

Abdomen- Hareline 2mm Fly Foam: Grey, Veevus .2 Mono: Black

Wing- Montana Fly Company Widow’s Web: Smoke & Solarez Bone Dry

Thorax- Hareline Micro Fine Dubbing: Trico 

Hackle- Whiting Grizzly Cape

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Bobbin- Smhaen Tension Bobbin

Vise- R Traveler 2304

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