Fly Fishing Gear for Albacore Tuna

Jay Nicholas Albacore Fly 2019

Of course this is only one example of the gear I have been fishing offshore Pacific City in 2019.

The last 6 seasons have provided an opportunity to fish many rods and reels for albacore. In a future post I will list several rods and reels that have performed well, but for the present, I’d like to list only one example by noting the outfit that caught most of the tuna that bit my trolled fly a few days ago.

Fishing with Ed Bowles and Jack Harrell, in the dory Last Cast, we were less than 20 miles offshore, fishing 64 degree blue water, trolling 3″ bucktails.

Our tuna numbers were on the low side, but we had a most enjoyable day and found enough cooperative albacore to make the day pleasant, especially considering that we were – for a time early in the morning – adrift, with life jackets snugged tight, me with a fire extinguisher in hand, Jack coaching Ed, and Ed couched near the transom with tools in hand and the stench of gasoline in the air.

It turns out that the problem wasn’t the fuel filter. It was a gas line pinched under the floorboards but only when Ed shifted his weight to the exact position.

We arrived on the tuna grounds well after the other dorys, but considering the dilemma of the morning our day was most successful.

Here is but one example of an albacore fly fishing tackle rig that has performed very well for me.

Ultra Dependable Tuna Gear
(Just one example)

Rod: Echo Bad Ass Glass 12 wt.
Reel: Hatch Fly Reels (9 and 11)
Fly Line: Airflo Depth Finder Big Game 400-600 gr
Leader: Hatch Fluorocarbon #20 – #25

Meanwhile, have a wonderful time on the water and at the fly bench.

Jay Nicholas
September 2019

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