Beautiful Fall Weather on the McKenzie and Willamette – A great week of fishing ahead


It’s been a strangely damp fall thus far, but the future cast is looking pretty sweet. The McKenzie and Willamette Rivers are fishing really well. The Middle Fork of the Willamette is down to 453 CFS below Hills Creek giving wading anglers unique access to the river. The McKenzie bounced up but has come back down. Hatches are still good with daily emergences of Grey Drakes, Blue Winged Olives, October Caddis and Short Winged Stones. Fishing has been superb with tungsten jigged patterns mid day when the bulk of the insect hatches are going strong. Early in the day the fish seem to remember the larger stones and October caddis and evening brings on the smaller mayflies.

Have fun out there!


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  1. Doug Carver says:

    coming to Oregon at Halloween to visit girlfriends family in Klamath Falls. Flying into Portland. Would love to get some fly fishing in. But could use some tips and advice from anyone regarding that area, or anything between Portland and K Falls. Been fly fishing for a long while but not very savvy with fly selections for trout (most interested in). Have primarily been striper fishing Cape Cod Ma area and some trout in NH, Ct, Ma. Good at casting, seem to read water pretty well, but selection and presentation are weak. She is a beginner, so looking to just enjoy the time outside, the water, and the peace of mind. BUT would be nice to hook up a few as well. Pretty much catch and release approach to it all unless they are abundant and can enjoy with her family. Any thoughts?

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