Oregon needs temperature-based fishing regulations – August 2018

summer fish

From: The Native Fish Society

Across Oregon, we are all feeling the effects of hot summer weather. We seek out cool air, take a dip in our local waters, and find refuge to avoid the summer heat.

For many rivers, this hot summer weather also means warm water temperatures, which can stress our native cold-water species like salmon, steelhead, and trout.

Of all the factors that influence the health of these fish, temperature is arguably the most important. Water temperature affects almost every phase of their life histories, including their metabolisms, upstream and downstream migration, spawning, rearing, food availability, swimming speed, direct and delayed mortality, susceptibility to disease, and can alter the competitive dominance of other predators.

Many of our favorite fishing locations across the state, such as the Deschutes and North Umpqua rivers, have already seen repeated days where water temperatures have exceeded 68F, a temperature that can be stressful for salmonids.

Read more and take action by signing a petition directed to the ODFW director and administrator by clicking here: TAKE ACTION

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