Chinook Salmon Dragon Tail Fly Tying Video

In this video, Jay ties a Chinook Style Dragon Tail pattern using Mangum’s UV2 Dragon Tails. This is essentially a Clouser fly on steroids! Tied using classic Chinook colors – pink and chartreuse, this is a bold option for the hungriest of Chinook! Give this pattern a try next time your at the vise.


Jay’s Chinook Style Dragon Tail

Hook: SC15 3/0
Thread: 210D Chartreuse
Tail: Mangum’s UV2 Dragon Tail Chartreuse
Body: Bucktail White
Flash: Ripple Ice Fiber Blue or Purple
Collar: EP Fibers Pink
Glue: Loctite Super Ultra Gel Control
Eyes: 5/16 Holo Super Adhesive Eyes

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