All Spirit River UV2 Materials at Caddis Fly Angling Shop

Spirit River UV2 Materials

Spirit River UV2 Materials

Note from Chris Daughters: I know that many fly tyers prefer to use UV iridescent materials whenever they are available—and the good news is that the Caddis Fly Angling Shop now is able to offer the full range of Spirit River UV2 materials, this is in addition to the full range of Spirit River products including UV Beads and the great beads too.

We can get out hands on all of these materials in a day. Your online order will be shipped promptly, and let us know if you are going to drop by the Shop so we can try to have the specific material and color in hand before you walk in the door.

I decided to list the range of materials we have now below, organized in general types of materials. I hope you enjoy these products.


Spirit River UV2 – Rooster Feathers
UV2 Strung Saddles
UV2 Schlappen
UV2 Rooster Cock Tail 8-10”

Spirit River UV2 – Accent & Hackle feathers
UV2 Teal Flank Feathers
UV2 Mallard Flank Feathers
UV2 Large eyed Guinea Feathers
UV2 Grizzly Soft Hackle

Spirit River UV2 – Rabbit
UV2 Rabbit Strips
UV2 Dos-Jailed Rabbit Strips
UV2 Dos-Tone Rabbit Strips
UV2 Crosscut Rabbit Strips

Spirit River UV2 –Dubbing
UV2 Lightnin” Dub
UV2 Fusion Seal-X Ice Dub
UV2 Fusion Seal-X Dubbing
UV2 Diamond Brite Dubbing
UV2 Scud Shrimp Dubbing
UV2 Caddis/Nymph Dubbing
UV2 Seal-X Dubbing Enhancer Light
UV2 Seal-X Dubbing Enhancer Dark
UV2 Dub Elite Enhancer Light
UV2 Dub Elite Enhancer Dark
UV2 Dubbing Enhancer Light
UV2 Dubbing Enhancer Dark
UV2 Hemp Dubbing Hare’s Ear
UV2 Caddis Nymph Dubbing
UV2 Mohair Yarn
UV2 Roe Yarn
UV2 Sculpin Wool
UV2 Fine & Dry Dubbing

Spirit River UV2 – Hair
UV2 Yak Streamer Hair
UV2 Super Hair
UV2 Deer hair Natural
UV2 Deer Hair Bleached
UV2 Arctic Fox Tail
UV2 Elk Hair Natural
UV2 Coastal Deer Hair Natural
UV2 Coastal Blacktail Hair Bleached
UV2 Pastel Northern /bucktails
UV2 Select Bucktails
UV2 Calf Tail


Spirit River UV2 – fly tying feathers
UV2 Select CDC
UV2 EMU Feathers
UV2 Goose Biots
UV2 Premium Select Marabou
UV2 Marabou
UV2 Jailhouse Marabou
UV2 Turkey Biots

Spirit River UV2 – Corded materials
UV2 Speckled Chenille
UV Estaz

Spirit River UV2 – Peacock & Pheasant
UV2 Peacock Eyes
UV2 Dyed Peacock Eyes
UV2 Peacock Herl
UV2 Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feather
UV2 Ostrich Plume

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