Jay’s Clouser Jig Bleeding Shiner Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay ties a Clouser Jig using Red Bucktail and a white EP Brush. Red and white is an incredibly effective color combination that imitates a wounded baitfish. This fly will work for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout.


Jay’s Clouser Jig Bleeding Shiner

Hook: Umpqua S506H Jig #4
Thread: Danville’s 210D White or Pink
Eyes: Balz eyes medium
Cement: Loc-Tite Brush on
Belly: Red Bucktail
Body: Lagartun Carded Flatbraid Holographic Silver
Collar: EP Sparkle Brush 3” Pearl Magic
Flash: Ice Wing Red
Collar: EP Craft Fur Brush 3” White/White

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