Jay’s Jiggy Chub Fly Tying Video

Jay’s Jiggy Chub is a dynamite trout streamer tied using natural colors on a jigged hook. This fly rides hook side up which helps prevent snags and the body is tied with a wireless synthetic fox brush which doesn’t absorb water so it will cast really well. It can be fished under an indicator or cast, stripped, and swung for Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Northern Pike Minnow, Small Mouth Bass and Whitefish. Because it is a prey imitation, it will fish well in waters with or without Chub.

Jay's Jiggy Chub

Jay’s Jiggy Chub

Cement: Loc-Site brushable
Hook: Umpqua S506H Jig #2
Tail: SR UV Blood Quill Marabou Olive/Tan
Tail: Peacock Krystal Flash
Body: Wire Free Synthetic Fox Brush Black
Collar: Senyo’s Chromatic Brush Pale Bronze
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Black/Chartreuse
Thread: Danville’s 210D Brown

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