New Product Review by Jay Nicholas – Ripple Ice Fiber

Jay Nicholas Caddis Fly Shop Ripple Ice

Here we go again. Brace yourself for several new product reviews to follow. As you may know, I am fortunate to be able to test many new materials and tools—this is part of a never ending quest to explore new options and determine if they are inferior, superior, or about the same as product I’ve used previously.

I had heard about Ripple Ice Fiber a few months ago, saw some, and was not impressed.  Then I picked up a fly tied by a friend, notched something especially attractive about the wing, and took a closer look. EEEEkkkkkk.

The flash material in the wing was the new stuff I had rejected.

So I went and picked up two packets to give it a try myself.

I chose Minnow Mix and Smolt Blue.

I see no need to get all gushy about this new material – I NEVER post a review on a new material unless it inspires me.

Honestly, I really like this material for flash in my steelhead tubes, Intruders, and my salmon closures.

I am also a big fan of Lateral Scale, but this new Ripple Ice Fiber is SURE to be a winner. Sometimes you just get that tingly feeling and the deal is sealed.

Ripple Ice Fiber is offered in 17 colors and

Electric Ice Fiber is offered in 7 fluorescent colors

Get to it—this is good stuff and very fishy.

Jay Nicholas, early 2018


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