Smallmouth Bass Clouser with EP Craft Fur Brush

Most people who are regular visitors to Youtube and the Oregon fly Fishing Blog probably recognize that the Clouser is one of my best, most favorite, gotta have some fly patterns.

I’ll tie them with different materials, in different proportions, and in different color combinations to fish in rivers, lakes, estuaries and the open ocean.

This fly represents an opportunity to tie yet another Clouser – this fly in colors intended to be attractive to Smallies, with a hint of orange to imply a crawfish. The photo shows more orange and downplays the gray and brown hues present in the fly.

The EP Craft Fur Brushes are a fantastic way to finish off any clouser. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

July 2016, and the lower Umpqua  is teeming with smallmouth bass. This fly will attract the beasties if you give it a chance. John Day? Yes indeed. Willamette? Probably.

My best to you –

Jay Nicholas

Jay video flies may 2016

Smallmouth Bass Craft Fur Brush Clouser

Thread: Danville 210D White
Hook: Gamakatsu SL12s #2
Eyes: Tungsten Predator Eyes Med
Flash: Mirage Lateral Scale
Belly: Steve Farrar’s SF Blend Bleeding Grey
Wing Brush: EP Craft Brush Black/Orange
Wing Back: SF Blend Bronze Back
Glue: Zap a Gap Brush

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