Summer Water Conditions in the Willamette Valley

Summer on the McKenzie

Water levels have dropped, hatches have diminished and there are more folks out fishing than almost anytime of year. Sound like a great recipe for tough fishing? Well, it can be. High sun in the afternoon can be tough, trout tend to stay down and hide in the shade of big boulders in deep water. Even with deep nymphing tactics it seems that they have a period where they are “turning off” a bit. Your best bet is to fish early and late and look for the faster oxygenated runs. Despite a drop off in hatches there are still some smaller caddis and Pale Morning duns out. Try size 14-16 high floating caddis patterns in fast or shaded water during the day and look for better hatches in lower light conditions. You will still catch fish during the day with “hopper dropper” rigs and again look for that faster water where fish can get cover and food. If you do go deep use slimmer jigged patterns that descend quickly into the fast water. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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