Spruce Flies for Sea-run Cutthroat now available!


Frustrated by the lack of superior materials to tie my own Spruce Flies plus my increasingly deteriorating abilities to do so, I placed a special order through Solitude for Size 6 and size 8 spruce flies tied to suit my own style preferences.

Just received these Spruce flies at the Caddis Fly and they are SUPER! I will be fishing these in the next two weeks and the Sea-runs are already in based on reliable reports the full breadth of the coast.

The purpose of this blog post is to let our readers know that we now carry not only the Borden Special but also the traditional (improved) Spruce flies at the shop. Drop by or call to order while they last! And you ought to add a few small muddlers and a variety of buggers to your order before you head out the door after Sea-run cutthaort too – plus a few foam hoppers!

Have fun out there and enjoy the Spruce flies.
Jay Nicholas – September 2016

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