You own 670 million acres of wildlands — Don’t let them take it

As an American, you own 670 million acres of wildlands. 19 states are trying to sell these lands to the highest bidder.

From the Wilderness Society
: Special interest groups are trying to seize Our Wild. We have to keep it public.


America’s national forests, wildlife refuges, parks, and public lands are part of our national identity. Our public lands were created so all Americans, regardless of wealth or social status, would be able to enjoy access to the outdoors in perpetuity. That our public lands should be open to everyone to experience is one of our nation’s proudest and most sacred traditions.

The same sentiment that fueled an armed takeover of a wildlife refuge in Oregon has now spread into 19 states across the U.S., where our American heritage—defended by generations of bipartisan leaders—is under attack from industry-funded groups and their allies in Washington, D.C. These special interests have been lobbying state governments and Congress to seize America’s public lands so they can be privatized or auctioned for drilling, mining and logging. Learn more about threats near you.

“The idea that our public lands should be open for everyone to experience is under attack by extremists and their allies in Washington, D.C.”

The 2015 budget resolution in the House of Representatives expresses support for this idea: “The budget resolution supports reducing the Federal estate, and giving States and localities more control over the resources within their boundaries. This will lead to increased resource production and allow States and localities to take advantage of the benefits of increased economic activity.”

This broader anti-conservation agenda seeks to suppress Americans’ rights to access and enjoy the lands that belong to all of us—whether we live in Maine, Montana, or Mississippi.

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2 Responses to You own 670 million acres of wildlands — Don’t let them take it

  1. fishburg says:

    A huge deal indeed…for anglers, hunters, hikers, campers, and animals.

  2. paul bundick says:

    We should be expanding public lands and national parks. Our lives are becoming bereft of beauty. Stop the privatization of wilderness. It is our sacred space.

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