Fall Fishing Getting Epic: McKenzie and Willamette Fishing Great

Fall is here in the Willamette Valley and our local fisheries have really turned on. The McKenzie in it’s entirety has been fishing great, the Middle Fork of the Willamette has dropped down and is very “wadable” with a 722cfs release out of Hills Creek Dam. October Caddis have begun to emerge, Short Winged stoneflies are around on the upper McKenzie and we are seeing some really nice fish.

Fall flies for the Mckenzie

The best bugs to have in your box are pictured below.

Starting from the top:

First Row

Morrish’s Foam October Caddis
Advanced Stimulator Orange
Kinrey’s Better Foam Caddis

Second Row Nymphs

HDA Jigged Variant
Jigged Possie Bugger
Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail

Third Row Dries

Parachute Adams
Goddard Caddis Rusty
Hairwing Gray Drake

Fourth Row

Orange Soft Hackles
Extended Body Mahogany Dun
Blue Winged Olive
Klinkhammer Blue Winged Olive

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1 Response to Fall Fishing Getting Epic: McKenzie and Willamette Fishing Great

  1. Mrmachinist says:

    I was on the lower river yesterday around noon in the Leaburg area and noticed some small yellow stones and small dark caddis all coming off at the same time. Fish were more keyed into high and dry presentations than wets or nymphs at that particular time and place on the river. Looking forward to the “great pumpkins” to show themselves!

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