Lower Mckenzie River Fly Fishing Report

Mckenzie 1

Its been a few years for a February to bring such sunny and warm weather. This unusual weather pattern has brought attention to the Lower Mckenzie much sooner than anticipated. On a recent trip the Lower Mckenzie produced a couple of fine specimens. Both fell prey to nymphs. The larger beast fell to a Mega Prince and the other to the possie bugger.

Mckenzie 2

Despite the sunny skies, there was little insect activity on the surface. In fact, no fish were seen rising. Before you ask: No March Browns were seen on this day. It felt like they should have been hatching but I suspect,  the daylight hours not quite long enough, water temp still cool and not enough drizzly days,  may have the bugs holding off.

mckenzie 4

The current forecast shows a couple of rainy days and a sunny weekend ahead. Its a good time to get outside and enjoy the weather.The long term forecast for March shows the latter part of the month to be cold and wet.  Either way, its time for the March Brown hatch to get going.


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2 Responses to Lower Mckenzie River Fly Fishing Report

  1. Mrmachinist says:

    Last week there were light March brown hatches everyday on the lowest parts of the river around 1pm. However as you mentioned ZERO surface activity as far as fish were concerned. The only action came from wets and nymphs.

  2. Mrmachinist says:

    I checked out the lower river today looking for March brown activity around 1pm like last week and there was no bug or fish surface activity to speak of. I’m guessing the cold drop in night time temps recently has put a halt to the hatches. Hopefully we’ll see some warmer nights before the week is over.

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