Fox’s Poopah Fly Tying Video

Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie another fish catching creation from the vise of Tim Fox. Fox’s Poopah is perfect blend of flash and a realistic outline of an active Caddis Pupa. Simply said, if there are active Caddis on your waters, match the size and color, and fish on!

Fox’s Poopah

Hook: TMC 3761 14-18

Thread: Brown 12/0 Veevus
Bead: Gold Cyclops
Rib: Small Copper Ultra Wire
Body: Veevus Pearl Mylar Tinsel Tan Ultra Chenille
Hackle: Hungarian Partridge Hackle fibers
Antennae: 2 Teal or Wood Duck Flank fibers
Head: Black Ostrich Herl, Peacock Herl
Comment: May be tied in numerous colors to match hatch

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  1. two dogs says:

    Thanks, Tony. Another great bug!

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