Post Cards From the Oregon Coast – November 2014

Managed to tear a tendon in my left foot.  Sounded like a twig snapping and hurt a lot.  Jack and Mary Harrell kindly came and loaded my boat, brought me a cane, and got me back to my cabin after I fished out the afternoon.  The foot hurt a lot, but I thought I might catch a salmon, so I fished on, but failed to get even a tug that day.

Since then, I tape trash bags on the walking cast and hobble down to the boat each day.  Awkward but it works.

There have been many days when salmon fishing has either been out of the question, or limited to fishing upriver, and I pretty much stay in tidewater these days, so I have been fishing for trout in nearby coastal lakes.

Working on a soon-to be self published book, Super Flies, I acquired some vintage tackle and re-lived my trouting days in the 1960s.  This is a vintage Shakespeare wonder rod, a Perrine No. 80 Automatic fly reel, lined with an AIRFLO Elite DT6F and tipped with a RIO 5X Tapered leader.  There is a nice big hatchery rainbow on the end of the line too.

The Oregon coast is a wonderful place to fish.  I have had smiles, sun, rain, trout, and an occasional salmon to keep me busy with my foot in a bag each day. Some salmon are bright, some not, but every one pulls hard and is a treat to encounter.

I’ll have news about some books I’m working on shortly, including Super Flies, Super Flies ~ Color, and the Fly Fishing Book of Revelation, formerly introduced over the years dating back to 2009 as the Fly Fishing Glossary.

Stay tuned, there is much of fun follow.

Jay Nicholas – November 2014

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4 Responses to Post Cards From the Oregon Coast – November 2014

  1. Mrmachinist says:

    Trashbag waders,….why didn’t I think o’ that?

  2. Jay, great to see you out and looking well. Miss your videos on the blog but understand and respect your reasons. Glad to see you doing well.

  3. James Kiker says:

    Jay, Funny to see you fishing that old Shakespear rod. I recently purchased several old, but in new condition, fiberglass rods including one like you have. They have awesome action and why did we ever change? I did not fly fish in the 60’s because back then I was working my ass off, but it is really fun to see how the vintage equipment fishes. I have also purchased several old Orvis Battenkill bamboo rods…………..what can I say about them……………

  4. Randy says:

    Love the rod/reel setup!!!

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