A New Season at Cedar Lodge Underway

Our second season at Cedar Lodge is just underway. In preparation we’ve been painting, planting, mowing, fencing, burning and getting a bit of fishing in. There has been a mixed bag of spring weather with everything from warm howling “norwesters” to spitting snow and early morning frost.




A couple of early season gear notes…..

Trouthunter tippet has been awesome, 4.5x is perfect for most of our dry fly and dry dropper rigs. Knots are clean and strong and it comes of the spool very straight.


I have had a chance to fish the new Winston Nexus rod and the 9ft 6wt has a sweet moderate action. The 9ft 6wt is not as fast as most of it’s counterparts. Not only is the casting a bit more relaxed but the fish fighting with a 6wt is still very enjoyable.

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