Summer Fly Patterns 2: Mercer’s Missing Link

Summer fly favorites

Mercer’s Missing Link may have become my new favorite dry fly! While it was originally designed as a dying caddis pattern for the Sacramento River in northern California it seems to catch fish everywhere. It imitates caddisflies very well but will also imitate a Blue Winged Olive in size 16 and 18, and a Green Drake in size 12. As previously discussed in my first Summer flies post, the design attributes of this fly are critical to it’s success.

Summer fly favorites

The elk hair wing of the Missing Link is visible. The hair wing is not to sparse considering it’s size, meaning it’s a very good floater. It’s tied on a strong but light wire barbless hook also contributing to it’s excellent visible floatation. The wings of the Missing Link , zlon/antron “down wings” help the fly float upright virtually every cast. It’s “parachute style” wrapped hackle also aids in the flies visible floatation. It’s thin flashabou body and peacock ice dub thorax offer just enough flash to make the Missing Link it an attractor as well as an imitator. Give the Missing Link a try on your next trout fishing trip anywhere you may be!

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