International Fly Fishing Reports: Tokyo and New Zealand

Tokyo Harbor

tokyo harbor fly fishing

Customer and avid angler Michael Beech sent us this photo from a recent business trip to Tokyo

He writes:

All on the surface. They call them sea bass. Found in schools feeding on bait fish. Exciting fishing in the early morning. Interesting landscape. Start at 4am back in the hotel by 11.
Thought your clients might be interested any time they have a stopover in Tokyo.

Michael used Trout and King Fishing Tours as his outfitter.

New Zealand Micro Steelhead


John Taunton Clark who gave us a Newby Switch Post was back at it on the Tongariro River with some of Jay’s creations.

I’ve just got back from a few days on the Tongariro River, catching some NZ ‘micro steelhead’. In one of my orders, Caddis kindly sent me a couple of Jay Nicholas’ tube flies, which I used on my trip. The flies worked (but you knew that). The attached photos show an example of my catch with the fly visible. I was using my Dually #6, Surge reel, with the RIO Switch Chucker and ten feet of Airflo T10 CCT. All good fun. Must confess that at the start of my trip the river was low and clear, and my best fishing was using the single-hander for upstream nymphing. I got most fish on green or pink jelly caddis patterns – fitting.


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