Subtle Saltwater Clouser Minnow with Fishient Fish Scale Synthetics

Why not just do one Clouser Minnow and call it good? Because sometimes you can pick up different ideas, materials, color combinations and other inspiration. What you get with this pattern is Fishient Fish Scale and a subtle color pattern, something like a Pacific Sand Lance.

Subtle Saltwater Clouser Minnow w/ Fishient Fish Scale

Overall Length = 3.5”
Thread: 210 D Danville’s Green Chartreuse
Hook: #2 Mustad 3407
Lower Body: Fish Scale White
Upper body: FishScale Aquamarine over Olive
Eyes: Medium Plated Lead
Cure Goo: Hydro

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2 Responses to Subtle Saltwater Clouser Minnow with Fishient Fish Scale Synthetics

  1. Two dogs says:

    Very, very nice!! It just keeps getting better. Thanks, Jay.

  2. Jay says:

    Two dogs: thanks, and I know that some of these videos may seem repetitive, but there are so many subtle and not-so-subtle differences in how a basic fly style like the Clouser fishes and holds up to fish attacks that are based on materials, proportions hooks and the like. I have come from thinking that a few different colors of buck-tail and Krystal flash were all I ever wanted for my Clousers, to a place where I tie, carry, and fish more varieties and colors and sizes than I care to catalog. It’s all fun, and I really believe the fish like some of the subtle differences, but hey, who knows what’s going on in that little fish brain anyway. JN

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