McKenzie River Trout Study Wrap Up Meeting June 10th

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If you are curious about how “Citizen Scientists” can make a difference and you would like to hear the latest on The McKenzie River Trout Study please attend the Wrap Up Meeting on June 10th from 6-7pm at Springfield City Hall (225 5th st.) in the Council Meeting Room near the Library.

Dave Thomas, Scott Kinney and Arlen Thomason will have the written reports and go over the results for the the 2013 sampling season. The meeting will also summarize the entire study as it has ended.

Arlen Thomason describes the studies success below.

We think that this study has been an important success, from several points of view. First, the results confirm that when a management regime is implemented that optimizes conditions for native wild fish on a river like the McKenzie, the wild fish population responds and the quality of the fishery improves. Second, it has demonstrated that concerned citizens, working together with government fish and wildlife professionals, can generate high quality results and have a big impact on fishery management. We have been told that the scale, persistence and caliber of this study’s effort has set a new standard for ODFW-sponsored citizen science across the state. You, the volunteers, made that happen. It is the results of your dedication that we will discuss on June 10.

Hope to see you there!

If you are unable to make the meeting the results will be posted to the study website:


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  1. RR says:

    Dave, Scott, Arlen, Matt, Chris and all the others who dedicated themselves to this effort deserve the utmost praise. Thank you for putting so much of yourselves into the future of McKenzie River trout management.

    The verdict is clear, as it was on the Deschutes and Metolius: managing for healthy wild populations has positive impacts on every level.


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