Rain NOT Putting a Damper on Local Fishing

Bryson broke in the Butter stick today

We “snuck” out of the shop yesterday to fish the lower McKenzie. Bryson took his new Butter Stick 7.5ft # 4, I had the new Scott Radian five and Andrew fished the Sage Circa five weight. We ended up swinging wets for most of the afternoon. The softer actions of the Circa and Butter Stick were sweet when fishing the traditional style March Brown wets down and across.

We ran into another boat or two one of which had landed a chrome bright spring Steelhead on a dry caddis! It’s going to be wet Friday and Saturday but don’t let it bother you!

Do be careful of water levels though we have just had a look at Armitage and Clearwater on the Willamette and the river has come up with color. Have a look higher in the drainage’s for cleaner water.


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