Deschutes Report May 2014

Andrew 1

No adjustment of your screen is necessary. Yes, the Caddis Fly Shop has a fine selection of dry stone fly’s, but not quite as realistic as those captured above. A few of the Caddis staff escaped for a quick trip down the Deschutes last week and found the “the bugs” already in the bushes. I have to admit, something has changed. I can not recall ever seeing this many bugs hatched and beginning to fly around this early. Although not aggressively attacking our Chubby Chernobyl’s we found enough fish coming up and blasting our flies.

2014-05-06 16.27.06

Is was Zach’s (shop Iowan) first trip down the Deschutes and he did well Nymphing (yes, the mega prince!) for his first Deschutes native red side.

2014-05-06 16.12.05

2014-05-07 10.26.20

Andrew and Clayton came along and found success among the lower hanging bushes with chubby’s and big bodied foam salmon flies.

Andrew 2

Clayton 1

We often had to remind Zach to stop shaking the “the bugs” from the limbs of trees? Ok, at least that’s what he said he was trying to do.

2014-05-06 13.12.14

I got to try out my new Simms G3 Felt Guide Boot with the new mid cushion sole. I added the hard bite studs. They were light weight and very comfortable. Check out the video on the link. Highly recommended!

Short timeframe for a trip, but plenty of memories and enough fish to go around. A good time was had by all. Anxious to get back for a few more days on the next trip!

2014-05-07 13.44.34


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    Iowan?…..sounds like something from star wars…..

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