Caddis Fly Christmas Party Tonight

We will miss this years party but not the weather. Patsy, Cash, Shauna and Chris wish everyone a very merry holiday season.

Please join us for our annual Christmas party at the shop on December 19th from 4-830ish. A discount of 10% will be extended to all in stock purchases during party hours.

Food, beverage, cheer and last minute gift specials will be served up at the shop. Please stop by and let us say thanks to you for your patronage over the years.

Cedar Lodge Golf Course 2013

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  1. two dogs says:

    We all know what a great guy Chris is. Now he’s taken a step forward to provide a great experience for all of us who have always dreamed of going to New Zealand and wetting a line. Maybe its time we did a little payback and booking a spit with Chris. Remember this when you are booking that trip to look at this old buildings in Europe or the crowded streets of Asia. Where else can we book a trip to a place we have always wanted to go and provide a little payback to Chris dir the great service.
    This is not a commercial, just a personal thought.

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