Coastal Steelhead Report

Siletz Last

This week provided some decent fishing on the coastal streams for steelhead. I had Clay and Andrew, my work teammates aboard “the beast.” We decided Monday would be our day. It proved to be a great day on the coast. Andrew was first on the scoreboard with what we thought was a nice steelhead. Turned out it was a late arriving Coho!

Siletz 20

Siletz 16

Clay then got into the action with a fine jack steelhead. We were hopeful this fish would be a symbol of what could be an even better day. It did not take long!

Siletz 19

Using an egg pattern, Clay hit one out of the park with a taped out 33″ in length, 16″ girth, hatchery steelhead. This hatchery “piggy” still had some sea lice. It was a keystone cop moment as the fish raced up and down, and around us. Rowing “the beast” with the fish rolling, and leaping, down the river provided some comical moments. We finally were able to get the bank and take some pictures.

Siletz 17

Siletz 13

As we headed down river we were greeted with clearing sky and cooler temps. Anglers should be hitting the lower stretches of the coastal streams. It looks like we are still in for a dry period and low water winter conditions. We need some storms!

Siletz 18


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