Deschutes Fall 2013 Report

2013-10-15 09.42.27

The Technical Men’s Conference (old dawgs who have fished together for decades)was held this month. Sadly, our attendance for this year’s conference was the lowest in recent memory. Ken and I were the only attendees. Clear skies and very “crisp mornings” were the venue for the five days we spent. Trout fishing was good! Steelhead were not so good, for us. Frankly, it was really, really, hard to focus on steelhead, while “swinging”, and Redsides surrounded me doing “cannonballs”.

2013-10-15 14.54.12

2013-10-17 12.58.08

On our move day down river, we were pleased to see Bighorns! We estimated we saw around 18 in total. The Bighorns were located in the area near Windy Flat.
2013-10-17 15.32.51

2013-10-17 15.08.39

Bottom line, a great trip! We had many Redsides to hand. Not many large ones this trip, but enough to keep our thoughts on the next trip.

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  1. Dave says:


    I am the guy you talked to at the put in with the raft and the springer. Thanks for the advice on how to run Whitehorse. Our trip was awesome and the trout fishing was great!


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