Royal Wulff Fly Tying Video

Tony demonstrates how to tie the tried and true Royal Wulff. The classic hair wing pattern floats great and catches fish world wide. Tony gives you some key techniques to make this pattern easier to tie.


Royal Wulff

Thread: Black 10/0 Veevus
Hook: TMC 100, Size 8-18
Tail: Cow Elk Hair
Body: Peacock Herl divided by a band of Red Floss or Chinese Red Uni-Stretch
Wing: White Calf Tail
Hackle: Brown Dry Fly Hackle

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2 Responses to Royal Wulff Fly Tying Video

  1. Tony T. says:

    Wow! I didn’t know that I tied that tail soooo long. Please note that the tail should be 1.25-1.5 times the gap of the hook. I like a shorter tail on my hairwing patterns, unlike the example. Also, more hackle in front of the wing.

    Take care,


  2. Mrmachinist says:

    Good job Tony, I tend to do the same with my dries too, it still looks good enough to eat though!

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