Dory Booking Opportunity for Pacific City

As many of you know, I have blogged about fly fishing with friends from a Pacific City Dory and expounded on how much fun I have had. These reports often lead to inquiries as how to book a trip, and so Chris asked me to work on a Licensed Guide that we could refer folks to.

Remember also, the Caddis Fly Shop Albacore trip scheduled for August 18 and / or 19 with Captain Jad Donaldson, out of Garabaldi, and sign up for that trip ASAP!  Jad’s boat is not a Dory, but has greater cruise range and speed, and the Albies should be on top big time when we make that foray.  Meanwhile, back at PC . . . . the fishing is decent and the ocean has been cooperating fairly well of late.

Joe Hay of Haystack Fishing he has agreed to speak with prospective fly fishing clients who are interested in booking a seat/day fishing from a Dory out of Pacific City.  Most of Joe’s clients fish non-fly gear but he is familiar with the fly fishing game and is open to accommodating fly anglers – it is however a different situation to fish fly gear than to fish spinning or level wind reels so the pre-trip conversation to lay out costs and expectations is good for all concerned. phone: 503 965 7555

Any of our Caddis Fly Shop Clients who are interested in a Dory-based, ocean fly fishing or combo fly/gear trip may contact Joe or Wendy Hay and inquire about trip date availability, target species, and per-person cost.

Dory Trips can be shaped around a variety of bottom fish and salmon, perhaps tuna, all depending on ocean conditions and the latest fishing regulations.  Joe emphasizes a quality ocean fishing experience and will discuss expectations with prospective clients.  There are days when the best anglers will have difficulty catching fish on fly or gear, and days when most anglers will be able to catch fish.  The very opportunity to launch in a Dory off the beach is a thrill in it’s own right and the various opportunities to see porpoise, whales, marine birds, shark, and who knows what are always enticing.

Joe is an experienced Dory Captain USCG Licensed, and will provide information for individuals interested in a fly fishing or combination fly and conventional gear fishing charter off the beach at Cape Kiwanda here at Pacific City.

Joe will note that he does NOT supply FLY TACKLE to clients, but if they want to shift from using their own fly gear to conventional tackle for bottom fish or salmon, he will provide the conventional tackle.
Immediate questions about any aspect of gear, tackle, flies, lines and such may be referred to me by email or phone 541 224 3524, and i would be happy to advise people for the Shop.

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