Book your Albacore Fly Fishing Adventure for August!

Yes, you crazy adventurous fly fishers, one of the most exciting fly fishing opportunities within easy reach is open for booking – and will most assuredly knock your socks out of your waders.  Or something like that.

Here is the background. Last summer I took a trip west of Oregon into the deep Blue to fly fish for Albacore.  I fished with friends and we were testing the waters with fly rods and managed to catch a few AMAZING HOT Albies.  Twenty something tuna landed and several broken off that eventful day, between the 3 of us.

The fishing experience and the power of the Albacore were AMAZING to say the least.  The Ocean was as spectacular as the fish.  I saw Mola Mola bigger than a Volkswagen Van, sharks, Porpoise and at one point, while fighting a nice tuna, a Whale surfaced so close to the Dory that I heard it exhale, ten yards from the Dory, right behind me.

Enter 2013 and I have decided to pursue these oceanic beasties with renewed gusto.

Jad Donaldson, of has graciously agreed to reserve the dates of August 18 and 19 for me and five companions on each day.

Our trip will port out of Garibaldi, Oregon, a nice drive from The Willamette Valley.

Cost for each day is $450 per person, I will fish both days (it won’t be nearly enough, I’m sure) and I would love to have two-day companions as well as one-day adventurers join us on the trip.

You may think it’s early to book this trip, but life may be short and now is the best time to commit to a great fishing adventure. My job is to work with prospective clients and keep the communication flowing to our Guide-Captain-Skipper Jad.  Even though Jad provides all tackle and gear (see below) I am messing with my own rods, reels, lines, and flies already.

Jad is going to handle all the financial arrangements and will reserve your seat.  Foul weather and inability to fish would get any of your deposit refunded.  Jad will have live bait onboard to chum Albies to the surface within casting distance.  There is time to sort out lots of details, but for me, I am committed, full bore.

Please call the Caddis Fly (541 342 7005) to reserve your day(s) and call me at 541 224 3524 to talk about the trip.

Here are some words of guidance from Jad that I share with you.

Jad has most recently been working in Belize, where he is the fishing director at Turneffe Flats on Turneffe Atoll.

Jad says . . . . .

The Oregon tuna season is mainly made up of 2 different seasons and subsequently, styles of fishing.

Late June through early August: The fish are primarily feeding deeper than later on.  Most of the fishing at this time of the season is done and trolling generally the most productive.  I still carry live bait (when available) and try to live bait fish whenever possible.   Sometimes it gets going, sometimes it does not.

Mid- August through late October: There is a definite switch away from the troll and on to live bait.  Personally this is the time of year that I look forward to and what my boat is designed to excel in.  It’s also the time of season that most of my fly anglers come to fish.  We carry at least 10 scoops of live bait each day when guests step on the boat.

Jad doesn’t run a budget charter service – but for the dedicated fly angler, he will get you out fishing, into fish, and back to port safely and with more fishing time, than just about anyone else.  His boat has a cruise of around 28 knots and top speed of around 40, which relates to a run of about an hour and 15 minutes under most conditions after leaving the harbor.

Jad guarantees all of the following items are onboard when you step  on the boat in morning:  Boat full of ice ( 1200+ lbs.); Snacks (sampler platter from Rick’s smokehouse in Warrenton, OR and chips, pretzels, etc); soda/water; boots; Gore-tex Bibs courtesy of Simms Fishing Products

Yes you may bring your own fly rods, reels, lines.  I will.  Kindly allow Jad and I to help guide you in the right direction.  A nine wt rod might be fine for King Salmon, but an Albacore on this rod will hand you a drubbing and take away the opportunity to catch several more.  I fished a 12 wt last year and it was about right.  Lines and backing?  Plenty of time to work out those details between now and August.

Care after the catch is very important and Jad runs a proper sluice tank.  Because he understands care after the catch and provides a salted sluice tank as well as ice service.  His fish hold carries 160 Albacore and they can be delivered for canning, loining, or vacuum packing on your behalf post-trip.

Jad expects you to step aboard with nothing but your own lunch.  He doesn’t provide alcohol because his insurance company forbids it and the USCG frowns on the practice.  So as far as Beer goes, BYOB please.  As for lunch, there are just too many dietary instructions to keep up.  Besides, you can count on Jad to be fine-tuning tackle and gear for the coming day’s fishing.

Jad’s boat is a 42′ Dorado Bluewater, accomodating 6 anglers, Jad as Captain and an experienced deckhand each day.  His guide service meets or exceeds all requirements of the Oregon State Marine Board and/or US Coast Guard.

Boat features include: Triple 300hp Suzuki Engines (re-powered Sept. 2012); In cabin seating for all guests (nice when the weather gets a bit rough or rainy); 8 man Off-shore Life Raft; Epirb (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon); VHF radio and backup handheld VHF; Iridium Satellite Telephone; Furuno 24 mile NM Radar; Furuno Navnet w/ GPS, chart plotter, temp sensor; Airmar 1000w Transducer; 40 gallon built in livewell; 240 gallon main livewell on the “dance floor”; 2 ton fishhold; Standard Head; Hot and Cold Freshwater Shower; Heat and Air Conditioned Cabin; Secondary/Backup GPS system; USCG Life jackets with strobes.

Departure times are based on tide and bar conditions. US Coast Guard limits the Skipper to a 12 hr. day, port to port.

The plan is that Jad and I touch base on the phone in the window of 48-72 hours prior to scheduled departure.  At that time, the call is made whether the trip is a “go” or not.  If weather doesn’t cooperate, we will cancel and Jad will refund your deposit.  Your credit card will be charged if you’re a no-show unless we fill the seat with an alternate client.

Jad can provide references or put you in touch with past guests upon request.

Direct contact is: Captain Jad Donaldson


skype: Jad_Donaldson

Oregon State Marine Board Licensed Fishing Guide and Ocean Charter, USCG Licensed 50t Master

OK – lets go tuna fishing!

This will be an experience beyond price — a fly fishing specialist’s services in a dazzling environment, and the chance to put some serious meat in the freezer and snap a few photos for future reminiscing.

Jay Nicholas, July 2013

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