New Fly Line Videos From Rio Products

The videos below highlight products, technology stories and helpful info on understanding the how and why of choosing a fly line from Rio Products. New spey and running lines are due in this week, and the first week of August. We have cast some of these and they are awesome!

Trout lines: Rio Gold, Rio Grand, Trout LT, Outbound Short and the new Perception.

Rio Perception Line in Specific

Choosing the ideal Spey line from Rio Products, including a discussion of the newest Skagit Max, Skagit Max Short, Scandi and Short Spey Heads.

Choosing a Spey Shooting line from Rio Products including a discussion of the newest Connectcore shooting line and Gripshooter.

The newest spey heads and shooting lines are just coming in the first week of August. I have linked them in this post, we will be shipping as soon as they are available.

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